July  25th.  2009

BMW Motorcycles

posted 5 years ago

BMW Motorcycle K 1200 LT

BMW Motorcycles

BMW K 1200 LT is the famous luxury tourer bike, provided by BMW Motorrads. It is specially designed for sport touring. It is ideal for the riders who go for long motor rides especially when they have to contend with bad whether on the regular basis.

K 1200 BMW MotorcycleBMW K 1200 LT is 1172 cc water cooled bike with 4 cylinders in-line and 4 strokes. It has a staggering arrangement of equipments- the servo assisted breaks with ABS, multi CD and radio system with digital display, on-board computer, 8 way speakers, RDS, map lights, integrated luggage with interior lighting, etc. The on-board computer will display the details of temperature, average speed, fuel consumption, etc. It has so many other features, which includes heated seats that can be adjusted separately for the driver and the passenger. It soothes both the driver and passenger with top luxuries. Heated grips, cruise control, electrically adjustable windscreen, reverse gear, accessory power outlets, luggage racks, cup holder, etc makes it unique from the other bikes. It provides the new dimension for luxury motor touring. The high-class framework offers exclusively light handling for the riders, when compared to the other bikes of this category. BMW K 1200 LT offers the latest generation of ABS. Therefore, it gives the maximum comforting safety measures to its users.

The BMW K 1200 LT will captivate the imagination of all those who wish to discover a new dimension of luxury tours. It also has so many other interesting small features, which we can never find with any other bikes. One of the subtle nice features includes the solid quality machine. It provides a small torch to see the oil level and brake pad wear, which is a novel item with the motor bikes. The built in luggage that is illuminated inside will help the rider to see his requirements in the dark. It provides a socket to plug in the battery charger. For this, the user does not have to open any part of the bike. It has alternator outputs where the riders can fit extra lights other than the options of heated seats and heated clothing.

The reverse gear of the bike is electrically operated. The bike has the link brakes. It enables the rider to use both front and rear brakes, with hand and foot control. The bike provides good luggage space with the ample capacity to store the requirements of the rider. The users of the bike BMW K 1200 LT say that they feel like traveling on a light jet airplane, when riding this. In US, the base MSRP of this bike is $21,520, which is worthy for the comforts it offers for the rider.